Patent Attorney Dr. Groth

Legal advice in the field of industrial property law.

Zippelhaus 4

Our excellent qualifications and strong commitment are used to protect and enforce the rights of our clients. We aim to deal with and settle your matters quickly and to ensure your interests are asserted.

Our goal is, with utmost care and conscientiousness, to achieve the best possible result for you in dealing with and answering legal and technical questions in the field of intellectual property. Consequently, all advisory aspects would be taken into account and your economic requirements should also be regarded.

Conducting searches, drafting, filing and representing patents, trademarks and designs in Germany, in Europe and internationally are part of our daily work. Through long-term cooperation with foreign colleagues, we are able to file IP applications for you in almost all countries of the world at any time and to represent your interests there as well. We are happy to monitor the payment of your annuities at home and abroad. If necessary, we will also enforce your rights in court before the UPC or in cooperation with lawyers before national infringement courts.

Our work is recognized by several awards. Dr. Groth is a regular participant in international conferences and meetings, where he speaks on a variety of topics.